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Auto Steer

Auto steering in a Case Quadtrac seeding 2012.


I'm going to walk you through how we plant our alfalfa and I finally learn how to use auto steer! If you're enjoying my videos please remember to give...

RTK & Autosteer Demo - John Deere 8235R - Sloan Implement

Austin from Sloan Implement brings us a GreenStar 3 Display with autosteer activation, as well as an RTK Starfire globe. Subscribe to How Farms Work ....

Testing Out the Autosteer on the 4450

Got a 10 year old autosteer system for cheap and I installed it in the 4450. In this video I am testing it out for thr first time. It is a Trimble Ez-...

Is Autosteer Really Worth The $$$? | Daddy Cornstar Pep Talk #1

We all know autosteer in a tractor is super handy, but is it really as good as people make it out to be? In this video Daddy Cornstar covers the great...

Selfmade Autosteer Demo Tour #GPS #RTK

Demoing my tractor autosteer Using 2 Ublox ZED-F9P gps receivers. Using Flepos for correction data. #F9P #Raspberry #DIY.

New kit makes autosteer available to every farm

At the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky, earlier this month, AgJunction launched the Wheelman Pro and Wheelman Flex — simple, ......

A View from the Tractor Cab: Auto-Steer & AgLeader Display Unit

See how precision agriculture technology, such as auto-steer and the AgLeader display unit, are being used in Vermont to help farmers make accurate pa...

Deere Auto-Steer Guidance System, But that doesn't stop Tim from Trying!

Time to get the soybeans out of the fields. Ray, Tim, Tom, Randall and Terry work hard to cut beans, fix a spring on the header and move fields.

AgLeader OnTrac3 autosteer on Ford/New Holland 9680

Here's a video from the archives of an install job on an articulating Ford/New Holland 9680 that was going to be used to pull a dragline applicator.

Tesla model 3 Auto steer on busy city street

Tesla model 3 Auto steer on busy city street.

JD 4650 Monitor and Auto Steer Installation

Over the past weekend I installed the auto steer and the monitors for the planting season in the John Deere 1983 4650! Almost a good to go on planting...


This is a parody to show that autosteer can take your concentration away from the job you should be doing. So stay safe out there and take a break if ...

FieldBee auto steer

FieldBee auto steer is equipped with built-in terrain compensation and together with RTK system will provide you with 0 – 4 cm accuracy. FieldBee auto...

Auto Steer No operator in the cab. Fully automatic tractor and planter.

John Deere tractor being driven by auto steer and itec pro. Deere Orthman 44 foot planter. There is no operator in the cab.

Farmtek Volant éléctrique auto steer

Bonjour, Voici la présentation du projet fonctionnel du l'auto-steer Farmtek entièrement réalisé en impression 3D, débuté en 2014.

Corn Planting w/Autosteer in South. Maryland - May 2018

More corn planting in beautiful Southern Maryland, USA.

Planting soybeans & how to use auto steer 5-22-15

I explain some on how to use our auto steer. I also captured some pretty cool footage with my SoloShot 2 robotic camera.

Tesla Auto Pilot v Auto Steer v Cruise Control Explained

What is the difference between Auto Pilot, Auto Steer and Cruise Control? We explain that in this video...--- Buying a Tesla? Get $1000 Off & Free Sup...

Planting with autosteer on the tractor

Using the Outback autosteer system to steer the tractor used to plant potatoes. Sub inch accuracy.

Tractor auto-steer demonstration

Ivy Lanier with the N.C. Dept. of Agriculture demonstrates a GPS guided auto-steering device in a New Holland tractor during an event held at Central ...


EZ Guide auto steer system on a Bush Hog.

How to use: auto Steer

Here in this tutorial we describe in detail how you can use the auto steer for your tractor. The auto steer allows you to drive perfect parallel lines...