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Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta Best Moments

Kian & Franny cutest/funniest moments :) Hope you enjoyed! xxx.

kian and franny best moments (good quality)

I've been the biggest fan of Kian since 2013 and I just enjoy shipping him with Franny and that's why i made this video not to cause anything but yeah...

Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta Best Moments (PART 2)

Kian & Franny cutest and funniest moments part 2 :) Hope you enjoyed! xxx.

Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta Best Moments | Cute Moments #Frian

Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta Best Moments | Cute Moments #Frian...Is there anyone who doesn't ship frian...I don't think so theres any... Anyways enjo...

Kian and franny cute moments😊‼️(CUTE)

Kian & franny cute moments! - Like, share and comment- Please subscribe!! - Thanks for watching:)

franny arrieta & kian lawley

when are they finally gonna get together.

franny arrieta & kian lawley

franny arrieta & kian lawley.

Jc Caylen & Franny Arrieta Best Moments

Jc & Franny's cutest and funniest moments :) Hope you enjoyed! xxx.

Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta Best Moments REACTION

Kian & Franny cutest/funniest moments :) Do you ship it?! Relationship goals? Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe for MORE! Original Video: ...

KIAN AND FRANNY DATING?! // Cutest #frian Moments

Just wanted to share my favorite #frian moments.

kian lawley not being afraid to be “feminine” for 4 mins straight

not trying to say it's true he's bi, whatever sexuality he is it's his business and his choice if and when to tell his fans, jc makes a few appearance...

Kian Lawley annoying Franny Arrieta for 6 minutes straight

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Kian And Jc, Bobby, Corey & Franny's Best moments

their Instagram videos enjoy thanks for watching!

Franny Arrieta and Kian Lawley-CUTEST MOMENTS //( song:Close) #FRIAN

DO YOU SHIP THEM? BECAUSE I DO the song of the background is Close by Nick Jonas and Tove Lo Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn I'm so perplexed With just ...

franny + kian | smile

they invented chemistry!

KIAN LAWLEY AND FRANNY KISSED! (what will Tessa think?)

It's true! they kissed! what do you think? do you think frian should date.. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed!! SUBSCRIBE - LIKE - COMMENT REMEMBE...

Kian & Andrea | Best Moments

Kiandrea moments xx thanks for watching! :)