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【mew】"Isabella's Lullaby" with Lyrics ║ The Promised Neverland OST ║ Full ENGLISH Cover & Lyrics

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Video description
This is my cover of Isabella's Lullaby, with English lyrics, from The Promised Neverland OST!

I wanted to try my hand at writing lyrics from adult Isabella's perspective! Despite everything she's been through and the cruel realities of the world, I really think she truly loved her children and wanted them to live out their days as happily as they could. I hope my lyrics help portray that! ♡

On a related side note, this might be singlehandedly one of the most beautifully sad songs I've ever heard and I absolutely love everything about this series. I'm still running off hype from that last episode and binging the manga afterwards. Can't wait for season 2!!!

The beautiful background image was created by syertse!

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Song: Isabella's Lullaby
Anime: The Promised Neverland Episode 12 OST / Yakusoku no Neverland / 約束のネバーランド
Vocals & Lyrics: supヽ(・v・)ノ
Image: by syertse (

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Now close your eyes, and sleep so tight
Dream of happy days
And when you awaken, you'll see a light
That's shining so bright, like the sun's tender rays

Close your eyes, no need to see
Rest your mind in peace
I will hold you so tight to me
And I hope that you'll dream of your days, carefree

Oh my dear children, I love you and I'll keep you safe
I'll hold you close so you'll never know pain
Because my children, this world can be cruel and so cold
But a flower can bloom with the thorns

Oh my dear children, I love you and I hope you see
No matter what comes or when you must leave
That I still love you, and hope that you're happy today
I pray, and I pray, that you'll remember…
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