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10 Chipotle Hacks That Will Make The Food Even Better

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10 Chipotle Hacks That Will Make The Food Even Better! Chipotle's is amazing so today we are counting down 10 Chipotle menu hacks that you need to know about!
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As you probably already know, Chipotle is all about spicy and hot foods. So if you like it hot and spicy, chances are, you're a huge fan. As the magical ingredient behind the phenomenal rise of the Chipotle restaurant concept, hot spices can make people all over the world go crazy. Creative minds just keep coming up with various hacks to get more from all the good stuff that people are getting at the esteemed restaurant. Here's a choice pick of the top ten Chipotle hacks that will make the food even better. When in Chipotle, do as the hackers do. And you can blame it all on the love for spice.

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0:37 Fill Your Chipotle Order Before Asking For an Increase
1:38 Playing a Hat Trick on the Chipotle Mexican Grill Crew
3:07 Six-Step Strategy to Get More Burrito
4:39 Health Is Wealth at Chipotle
5:43 You Can Get Free Tortillas at Chipotle
6:41 Supersize Everything with Sides
7:38 Are You a Meatatarian? Get Even with Chipotle
8:48 Get All the Freebies at Chipotle Mexican Grill
9:48 KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid
11:13 Extreme Couponing at Planet Chipotle

- Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you need to play magician with your Chipotle server. That is, let the crew member fill your plate first before you ask for more of this or that. These days, you have to think like the card player on the street in order to get the most from everything, especially Chipotle.
- We found this very useful trick online that harnesses a kid's creativity. As the saying goes, you give a man fish and you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man to fish you feed him for life.  So think like a child. Unleash your inner youth by ordering a kid's taco at Chipotle and going to town with stuffing it up.
- Think like a magician and get the most amount of food possible without draining your teenage allowance or maxing out your student loan. Just remember all these six steps and you'll be the Chipotle hack wizard in no time.
- What's healthy from Chipotle? Actually a lot more than you might have thought. Vegetarians and even vegans  are also very welcome at Chipotle Mexican Grill. For one, sofritas are delicious tofu masquerading as meat fajitas.
- Yes, extra taco shells or tortillas are within your reach. All you have to do is order a burrito bowl and you're sure to get three taco shells or one flour tortilla shell for free. When you know your rights, the Chipotle crew will have no choice but to support you.
- Remember, if you order a burrito bowl without meat, you're actually short-changing yourself, unless of course, you're vegetarian or vegan. Supersizing everything on your plate is the magic key to getting all you can. Supersize this, supersize that.
- From a pure meatatarian point of view, you never, never ever go to Chipotle Mexican Grill to pig out on salad. Salad bars are by far, the best candidates if you’re looking to fill up on veggies. While there's a lot of sofritas, greens, and beans on the menu, a serious meat lover is looking at minimizing carbs and vegetables in their order.
- This is the one hack that newbies at Chipotle Mexican Grill always seem to miss. For example, sides of cheese and flour tortillas are always on the house, something that true Chipotle devotees would not need to be reminded of.
- Former US President Barack Obama's timeless governing principle lives on in every sumptuous meal order at Chipotle. Yes, if you put your mind to it and your common sense of course, you can never go wrong. Savings ahoy! Just imagine.
- To begin with, you get a free burrito with your purchase of a Chipotle gift card. Don't forget that! And it gets better. When you only have three bucks to spare for that student lunch, it’s Chipotle to the rescue!

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