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20 Disney ANIMALS Reimagined As People

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20 Disney animals if they were IRL humans.
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The animators at Disney are experts and anthropomorphism with their animal characters. From an mouse to a snowman, they can assign human traits to just about any creature they can think up. So it only makes sense that artists would take it a step further and create fan art that reimagines our favorite Disney characters as humans.

There were so many great choices, we were able to find 20 of our favorite Disney characters as humans to share. You’re not going to believe what Mickey and Minnie Mouse look like as people. And we are obsessed with what artists have done with the characters from the “Lion King.” Want to know what Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde would look like if they were human? Then you’re going to love this video. Stay tuned to the end to find out what a certain snow covered Disney pal would look like if he were a cute human guy.

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