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+21 Dirty Grayson Dolan Imagine

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Video description
Okay listennnn.. Let me explain myself okay. I’m sorry for your virgin eyes- well you don’t have virgin eyes anymore if you are subscribed to me. Glad i good take that away from you but anyway just be warned it’s very mature. Kk bye have fun you kinky son of a bichesss
1- Runaway- Dolan Twins Imagine

Let me know if i should continue this • ShE gOt A LiTtLe BiT oF dRamA WiTh HeR fRiEnDs

16- Damaged- Ethan Dolan Imagine *DIRTY +18 DIRTY*

hehe i was REALLY uncomfortable writing this and it’s not even that good🤢🙄

Birthday Girl 21+ Grayson Dolan {1K subscribers specials}

Omg finally I posted this... Warning Cringed!!!!! Subscribe fore more Like this video Comment down below on what Fanfic I should do next

Runaways part 5 *DIRTY+18* a Grayson Dolan imagine read description

Hope you like it 💜✌️ also sorry for the thumb nail.

2- Bad for my Health- Grayson Dolan Imagine (read description)

So i was supposed to post like 3 days ago or so and well i didn’t do it. Busy busy okay let me liveee. Anyway i’m not writing anymore “dirty” imagines...

Grayson Dolan being daddy material for 3 minutes straight

200k 😱 thank you guys 💗 ✩ DOLAN TWINS ON YOUTUBE: ✩

19- Damaged- Ethan Dolan Imagine

it’s a bit rushed :/

Grayson Dolan CUTEST Moments // 2018


Dolan Twins Sexual Moments

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