5 RISKIEST Doctor Specialties

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Part of the appeal of becoming a doctor is job security - at least, that’s what everyone says, right? Well, this might not be the case anymore for some specialties. With issues like oversaturation, mid-level encroachment by physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists, and advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the livelihoods of some specialties are not as secure as you might think. Here are the doctor specialties that are most at risk.

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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Oversaturation
01:36 Radiation Oncology
02:29 Plastic Surgery
04:07 Emergency Medicine
05:47 Mid-level Encroachment
07:07 Emergency Medicine
07:36 Anesthesiology
07:59 Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
08:21 What Specialties Are Safe from Encroachment?
09:07 Artificial Intelligence

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