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Aaron Rodgers is being 'adult' about future in Green Bay, talks Belichick & Pats — Colin | THE HERD

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With rookie Jordan Love waiting in the wings, Aaron Rodgers' future with the Packers is uncertain, but the 36 year old quarterback isn't shy about discussing the possibility of leaving Green Bay. Hear why Colin Cowherd thinks if Rodgers is gonna continue to play, it won't be with the Packers, and why Rodgers took all of the tension out of the room by addressing it. Plus, Colin explains why he doesn't agree with the idea that the New England Patriots are 'tanking', despite the loss of Tom Brady and the player opt outs. Coach Bill Belichick has a plan to use these setbacks to benefit his draft picks next season.

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Aaron Rodgers is being 'adult' about future in Green Bay, talks Belichick & Pats — Colin | THE HERD

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