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BABY SLEEP WHITE NOISE | Womb Sounds Soothe Crying, Colicky Infant & Help Child Sleep

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Video description
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For your child that won't stop crying, won't sleep, here's what you've been looking for. A mixture of white noise and womb sounds to help a colicky newborn calm down, fall asleep and stay asleep. You'll be surprised by how fast it works for your son or daughter.

White noise creates a peaceful environment for your child that mimics the sounds of the womb and reduces their stress. It helps them cry less while lulling them to sleep. And, with your child peacefully napping, it will help YOU get some rest. It's a handy tool for any new mother or father.

White noise is safe for infants:

And it is very effective at helping them sleep:

The whole family will appreciate this video once the colicky infant is happily sleeping and everyone else is getting the rest they deserve.

Expert advice is to play the sound at least a few feet from the infant and to keep it no louder than the volume of a soft shower.

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