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Best Indie Folk of 2020

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🎶 Tracklist:

0:10 Tommy Ashby - Blood Wolf Moon
3:08 Jesper Hasnaoui - Lake
6:18 Lullanas - Bloom
9:08 N. Kerbin - A Boy and a Man and a Satellite
13:32 Matt Hartke - London´s Song
16:28 Marti West - Runaway
20:03 Racoon Racoon - Birds and Daisies
23:31 Jordy Maxwell - As You Go
26:29 Aisha Badru - Forest Green
30:07 Beta Radio - Destined to Pretend
33:17 Canyon City - Ferris Wheel
37:07 Simon Alexander - In The Rust
40:46 OSKA - Love You Lost
44:25 David Nevory - Head Tied Up
47:40 Cole Scheifele, Joel Ansett - Thinking of Me
50:47 Hollow Coves - Evermore
54:28 Femke - I'm Still Here
57:46 Handsome Ghost - Weeds
1:02:00 Harry Pane, Maia Frankowski - Time
1:05:38 Ocie Elliott - Back Door Run
1:09:08 Aaron Espe - Take You Home
1:13:07 Thomas LaVine - Rivers
1:17:01 Tom Speight - Good Times
1:20:27 Days of August - Homeplace
1:24:39 Ed Patrick - Shoulder
1:27:41 Axel Flóvent - Sea Creatures
1:31:57 Unknown Neighbour - Home
1:35:07 Last Year's Man - Wild, Wild Heart
1:38:57 Stu Larsen - Phone Call from My Lover
1:43:50 Jordan Hart - I Don't Want to Let You Go
1:47:23 The Sweeplings - Deep & Wild
1:50:59 Simen Mitlid - Weeks feat. Tuvaband
1:54:39 Matu - The Days Don't Come Back
1:57:39 Hollow Coves - Beauty In The Light - Acoustic
2:01:49 Ben Greenberg - Northern Pines
2:05:19 Tommy Ashby - One Word
2:08:22 Frank Rensen - Closer To The Sun
2:12:07 Mia Myself & I - Come Clean
2:16:24 Zes - Seahaven
2:19:06 Companion - Carried Away
2:22:15 Canyon City - Catch Fire
2:26:03 The Paper Kites - For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)
2:29:11 N. Kerbin - Everything Hurts
2:32:55 Tyler Edwards - Delta
2:36:31 Tyler Brown Williams - Never Stop
2:40:40 Ian Randal Thornton - It Feels Like The Other Day
2:44:56 Lawson Hull - College Town
2:48:12 Ocie Elliott - Take Me Home
2:51:14 Jessie Reid - I've Got You
2:53:50 Titus Haug - Thinking Of You
2:57:23 Fretland - Must've Been Wild
3:01:30 Simon Alexander - Heading Nowhere
3:06:03 The Sea The Sea - A Thousand Years
3:09:48 Freyr - Neighbour Boy
3:12:50 Garrett Kato - Breathe It In (feat. Julia Stone)
3:16:05 Barry Carroll - Hand in Hand
3:19:23 Black Match - See Through
3:22:32 Jarle Skavhellen - Northern Lights
3:25:27 We Are All Fossils - Mountains
3:28:15 Luke Sital-Singh - Almost Home
3:31:31 Old Sea Brigade - Caroline
3:35:33 RedFox - Hey Mister
3:39:19 Jesse Taylor - Where I Belong
3:42:15 Voyageur - Civilized
3:45:41 The Satellite Station - Come Home
3:49:10 Vaiteani - Signs
3:52:32 Hollan - I've Been Alone
3:56:04 Nick Kingswell - I Didn't Try
3:59:55 Henry Hanson - Another Ending

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