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BROADWAY BLOCK TANGO (Cell Block Tango Cover)

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Video description
Hey again! Or just hey if this is the first time you stumble upon my channel. I’m Emilia!

- I would absolutely appreciate it if you sent this video to the stars who play or have played these roles at some point through Twitter and @ me (@Beerwithburr).

-This is both a cover and a parody of the amazing Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago and I hope you enjoyed it! I worked super hard filming and editing. I'm a huge musical theatre fan and when this idea came to my mind I just had to make it come true! All lyric changes made by me.

-Some of my amazing friends helped me with the clothing, filming, hair and make up of this video and I just wanted to let you know that.

-Please excuse my awful attempt at speaking Russian and my terrible Jenna accent omg.

-To clarify:
ZOE MURPHY (from Dear Evan Hansen): Pot
VERONICA SAWYER (from Heathers): Six
JENNA HUNTERSON (from Waitress): Squish
ANASTASIA ROMANOV (from Anastasia): Uh-uh
ELPHABA THROPP (from Wicked): Gillikin (which is a place in the land of Oz for those who may be confused)
ELIZA SCHUYLER (from Hamilton): Hamilton
WEDNESDAY ADDAMS (from the Addams Family): Presenter

-Intrumental track from:

-I hope you enjoy this closet cosplay and understand that I did my best to re-create these looks.

- The lip sync was kinda ruined by the editing software that for some reason made the video slightly slower than the audio but let’s just ignore that.

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-Feel free to comment any suggestions you may have!
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