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Dancer Kim Heechul [SJ comeback 'Lo Siento' on APRIL 12]

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I originally thought of including the clip of him in Life Bar about crying for an hour, but decided that the ending part is already emotional and I didn't wanna be sad some more. (I even messaged Heechulized for permission, )

I've seen people say before how Heechul looked liked he didn't give a damn about performing so I thought of including the reason why it's hard for him to dance. He does dance a lot in variety show but a few seconds of variety show dancing is not the same as a 3 minute idol performance or the amount of practice time they do.

SUPER JUNIOR Live Event 8PM KST (Nov.6):
(replay uploaded)

Knowing Bros eng sub
Aneun Hyungnim
아는 형님
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Idol singing Tears of So ChanWee :3

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