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Dress Historian Analyzes ‘Historical’ Film Costumes 😳

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Cheers to my assistant Betsy for screenshotting a l l of the Reign replies (I used maybe only 1/3 of them, aaaaa)

[1] Emma Watson refused to wear a corset:
[2] Interesting words on the early appearance and recording of kilts:
[3] A note on Magnus Berfaet’s Saga (1093AD) describing in translation dress in Western Lands:

'My organs shifted' interview can be found in full at:
(side note to say how immensely proud I am of all you dresshistorytrash crusaders going off in the comments ♥️)
Micarah's Little Women roast:

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‘Minor Indiscrations’ by Arthur Benson,
‘Yellow Light’ by Arthur Benson,
‘Painting the World’ by Raymond Grouse,
‘Toss Me the Tomatoes’ by Raymond Grouse,
‘Art Culinare’ by Raymond Grouse,
‘One for You, Three for Me,’ by Raymond Grouse,
Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
‘Incidental Encounter’ by Arthur Benson.
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