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FOUND Hidden $10,000 GAME MASTER Treasure Chest at Bottom of Lake! | Rebecca Zamolo

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Video description
Rebecca Zamolo finds a hidden Game Master treasure chest in public when RZ Twin gives them clue about how to find Daniel.

After Rebecca Zamolo found The Best Hiding Spot! Hide and Seek Chase in Escape Room in Real Life to Rescue Best Friend then Matt and Rebecca posted Searching for Daniel in Abandoned Cave! (New Game Master Evidence Reveals the Truth!). Today, Rebecca searches for a hidden $10,000 Game Master treasure chest. Daniel is still missing after the GMI trapped him in their escape room. RZ Twin hides inside a cave and reveals a clue about a hidden treasure map. The girls can’t be seen in public together if they want to defeat the GMI so Matt and Rebecca must find the $10,000 hidden treasure chest alone. We need to be the first to find the mystery box so we can rescue Daniel. The husband and wife found the key to a boat by a pirate ship and begin exploring on the lake. They find spy gadgets at each location on the map to help them retrieve the treasure box. Daniel hacks into the GMI phone and sends us a picture of him with my best friend. Finally they arrive at the last location with all the spy gadgets they’ve collected. The treasure chest is underwater and Matt retrieves it. Inside, we find a black box with a magnetic key card. A Quadrant is at our tesla so we must take the master tunnel to get back home. Where do you think Daniel is missing? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!
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