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Freestyle Tournament with EVERY Rank in Rocket League

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Freestyling is part of what makes Rocket League amazing. No matter what rank you are, there are mechanical shots you can hit like pinches, ceiling shots, flip resets, stalls, double taps and so much more! We will compare freestyle shots through a 1v1 at every rank all the way up to Supersonic Legend (SSL) to see their best clips and freestyles. This time, it's a tournament to settle once and for all which rank is best at freestyling.

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Silver Vs Silver
3:40 Gold Vs Plat
5:58 Diamond Vs Champ
8:25 GC Vs SSL
10:48 Semi-final 1
11:17 Semi-final 2
13:42 Finals
17:32 Outro


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