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Half Life: Alyx Trailer Breakdown

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Video description
Scene-by-scene analysis of the trailer for Half Life: Alyx
See official trailer here :

See the announcement trailer for Half-Life: Alyx here:
See the 22 minute interview here:

Music from HL2:
0:00 - 14 Our Resurrected Teleport
1:11 - 19 Lab Practicum
4:02 - 24 You're Not Supposed to Be Here
6:42 - 37 Threatening Short
8:08 - 4 Brane Scan
9:56 - 8 Revenholm (Reprise)
10:48 - 11 Slow Light
11:31 - 17 Triage at Dawn
12:16 - 19 Lab Practicum

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