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Here's how to find water if you're ever stuck in the desert

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If you ever find yourself lost in the desert, knowing how to quickly find water is going to be key to for your survival. Here's what you're going to need to know.

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The human body can survive for about 3 days without water, which can be extremely hard to find in hot desert climates.

Look for signs of life if you can't find a water source. Vegetation, birds, and insects can all mean a nearby water source. Fruits, vegetables, cacti, and roots all contain water and mashing them with a rock will release some liquid.

Water flows down, so check low terrain. Canyons and mountain bases could be home to a water source.

Morning dew can be collected with a cloth and then wrung out into your mouth.Just make sure you collect it before sunrise or it will evaporate before you can get it. Use cups or any other container to catch rainfall. If possible, build a water-catching tarp. This will allow even more water to be collected.

Look for damp ground, vegetation, and dry river beds. These things can all indicate underground water. If you dig a hole a few feet deep nearby, it's likely water will seep in. If possible, always filter the water. But if you have to choose between dehydration and unfiltered water — take your chances with the water.

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