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How GOOD Is 15 Year Old LeBron James Jr. Actually? (Ft. NBA Potential, LeBron, High School Dunks)

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LeBron James is an all-time NBA great. His son, LeBron James Jr. is now in high school, but how good is he actually? #NBA #LeBron #Bronny
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Last year when I talked about Bronny, he was 5’ 10”. Now he’s 6’ 2”, on Sierra Canyon, and dunking with ease. LeBron seems to like it. He was ranked 25th in his class last year, now he’s in the top 5. It’s easy to fall into the hype of LeBron James Jr., to compare to LeBron, but I wanted to sift through all that noise and see who Bronny is and how good is he.

LeBron James Jr. is now a 15 year old freshman playing for Sierra Canyon. This year, his AAU team dominated summer basketball. Now he’s a point guard even though he’s grown 4 inches. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll immediately be a starter on Sierra Canyon or even be a player with a lot of playing time. Sierra Canyon has some of the best talent in the country. They already have the Ziaire Williams, the second best point guard in the nation, Terren Frank who is the 15th best power forward.

That being said Bronny is going to have to prove he’s worth the playing time which might sound weird considering the hype around him, but Bronny is not some man amongst boys. He’s not even the best 15 year old in the nation, that goes to Mikey Williams who I also made a video on, but just because Bronny isn’t the best 15 year old doesn’t mean that he isn’t special for his age, it’s just that there are better players than him in all of high school which includes 17 and 18 year old seniors. So I’m going to talk about Bronny as a 15 year old and also in the context of an overall high school player with NBA potential.

LeBron James Jr. is very like his father mentally, but unlike his father physically. Let me explain.

Bronny is a smooth operator of the ball. He analyzes the floor while bringing it up or at the top of the 3 point line. He’s always in control and never tries to force the issue. Even if he could get past the defense and score almost every time, he’s selfless and wants to get his teammates involved, which means swinging the ball around the perimeter, basically what the highlights don’t show. Bronny makes sure that everyone gets enough touches, a talent that most NBA rookies struggle to learn. On top of that, he’s got some elite passing vision. Just like LeBron, he bullets passes to the open man from any position. He can thread the needle, he looks up on the fastbreak, he’s quick to react to an open man, he looks off defenders to he can create a passing lane. That’s just elite. Bronny makes calculated moves, it’s as if he knows how the defense will react to him and so he’s one step ahead, again a lot like LeBron. While that might not be much of an issue at this level, especially if he can read the defense so well, I have said that having a predetermined approach to pass sometimes makes you less aggressive to simply take it to the hole and finish. Defenses can sort of play tighter on shooters and if you have a predetermined approach instead of making the split-second decision, you can sometimes lose a good shot.

He doesn’t hold on to the ball for long, but don’t think for one second that he can’t handle. He has a very tight nit control on the ball, not going crazy with the handles, but he can give you a 3-4 dribble combo if needed. And he’s breaking ankles. Bronny has one of the best hesitations I have seen in high school basketball. And a big part of that is because his shot is smooth, quick, and consistent. His lower body and upper body are in sync as he extends upwards. It’s a smooth transfer and all in one motion. So whether he shoots off the dribble or catch and shoot, it’s a quick shot and he makes them consistently too. Bronny’s got a nice layup packages. He has a lot of good spin on the ball to finish from almost any position. And he’s got the hang time to really adjust his layups in mid air. I’m not saying it’s Kyrie level, but they seem Kyrie Irving inspired.

The question is, will he gain LeBron’s size and still be a freak of nature with guard like speed and vertical? Because LeBron James is an anomaly.

NBA Scouts have already seen Bronny’s game and said “He’s similar to his dad with his apparent calmness in overwhelming moments and in his ability to facilitate, but he’s totally different physically.” Scouts were impressed by Bronny’s skills, but not in love with his physique just yet. Let me get this straight, Bronny just turned 15 and he’s already 6’ 2”. That is perfect for the NBA, but the expectations for him run deeper because he’s LeBron’s son.

Will LeBron James Jr. be a top 5 pick in the NBA draft? Will he play with his dad?
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