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How to Become a Better Parent | Dr. Shefali on Impact Theory

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Dr. Shefali has sparked a parenting revolution. Learn from the woman challenging everything we know about parenting in this transformational episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.



“The beauty of life is that there is no line in stone, most of it is in sand.” [9:38]

“Life is this eternal dance between the knowing and the not knowing. Between the possessing and the complete non-possession. Between the doing and the non-doing.” [9:45]

“Pain is the greatest teacher.” [20:30]

“It’s narcissistic to think that we can raise another being when we haven’t raised ourselves.” [41:54]

“When you pursue anything that means you don’t have it already. So when you don’t have something already, you’re in lack. You cannot pursue abundance from lack. [47:17]



Tom and Dr. Shefali dive into the meaning of conscious parenting. [2:31]

Dr. Shefali explains how conditioning obscures child development. [5:14]

Dr. Shefali talks about understanding boundaries and the psychology behind parenting. [9:17]

Dr. Shefali describes how parents perpetuate children creating a false sense of self. [15:20]

Dr. Shefali talks about recovering our truest self and allowing our children to suffer. [17:00]

Dr. Shefali expands on living in the present moment and being deeply connected with your child. [21:31]

Tom and Dr. Shefali discuss learning to be present and how to accept and work with what you have. [24:17]

Dr. Shefali shares how she uncovers authenticity through insight meditation. [31:12]

Dr. Shefali breaks down the power of embracing the impermanent now. [34:39]

Tom and Dr. Shefali expose parenting myths and the difference between attachment and high love. [35:41]

Dr. Shefali walks through the importance of being conscious of our limitations. [39:12]

Dr. Shefali addresses the transcendence of life and how to engage and align with the moment. [43:43]

Dr. Shefali reveals why happiness is a misnomer and pursuing happiness is a trap. [47:17]

Dr. Shefali defines the impact that she wants to have on the world. [49:32]



The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting - [1:54]

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - [44:08]



Eckhart Tolle - [44:00]







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