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How to Become an Animator | Where to Start and What They Don't Tell You

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Video description
Wondering how to become an animator? Have you been asking "do you need a degree to become an animator?" Wondering if you can rather just teach yourself animation and become an animator without school? Over the years, I've gotten a lot of questions from students or people looking to change their careers, wanting to know how to become an animator and where to start, and asking for any advice I can give them when starting out as a beginner animator. Before jumping in and applying to the first animation school you find, there are some things to consider.

A lot of people also wonder if it's necessary to pay for courses or attend an animation school, or if you can teach yourself animation. They also wonder if it's actually all worth it in the end, money-wise - if they will earn a lot of money as an animator - and if they will even be able to get a job in the animation field. in this video, I'll address these questions, and drop some truth-bombs about animation industry problems which are not always mentioned to those entering the animation industry, since it's always good to find out about animation career truths.

So get some animation school advice, find out where to start and what they don't tell you about the animation industry, and learn how to become an animator.

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0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Most common questions
1:18 - Do I need to attend a tertiary institution to get into this career?
1:40 - Possible roles/options in the animation industry
5:07 - How can I learn what I need to know? (options for colleges and courses depending on disciplines )
5:41 - South African institutions
6:31 - Online courses
7:06 - Resources and tips for self teaching
7:26 - The Animator's Survival Kit - NB
9:30 - Is it worth it? (Truth-bombs)

Some links to resources as mentioned in the video:

Where to buy The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams:

Possible career roles/ options in the industry:

Resources for self - teaching or improving your skills:

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