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How to Make Your Own Spring Bonnie Suit G̟̓l̛̖̖̘̔̚i̡̛̦̎̋͢t̟̀c̯͆h̨̛̩̝͐͡t̝̩̼͆̈́̆͛͢ȑ̲ã̲p̛̣͙̩̫̋̉̈

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Video description
Hello internet, today I'm here to share how I made myself a Spring Bonnie suit, perfect for birthday parties or any sort of get together with the kids! With this suit, you'll be the life of the party!

Prepare for a long tutorial, as building this suit is not an easy task. I commend those of you who do attempt the challenge! Keep in mind, there is no exact method to suit building, it is an art and may take many forms! Take a peek at other talented Spring Bonnie builders for inspiration down below

As for the mobility of my suit in particular, it is a bit stiff, but has a wide enough range for its purposes. If one were planning on wearing this suit for 3+ hours, it is recommended to sew a suit out of fabric for the flexibility and breathability aspects. If silhouette and believability are top priorities compared to comfort, this may be your answer.

A few future refurbs of mine for this suit include an extension of the snout for a more mousey look, a redesign of the hands for even longer fingers, and lifting the head higher on the wearer to add to the neck. The last plan in particular may change the way the head is used however, as the character design doesn't allow for the actor's eyes to meet the character's if the neck was extended. For this reason, I may consider moving the viewing area into the mouth. However, these are future ideas, and have no solid plans of being done.

All characters mentioned are owned by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Fazbear Entertainment, Steel Wool, Scott Cawthon, ScottGames

With our efforts combined, the backing of Dawko and Vanessa, Glitchtrap will be free. He always comes back.

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