I Built A 100 Pound Glitter Tornado!

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You got glitter in your eyes too..?
These Should Be BANNED! Testing The Weirdest Beauty Tools!

We had a good time... Kind of. S hout out to my super exfoliated skin and our tongue scrubbers that are now available on Ebay. (jk on that last part....

Learning To Skate!

The tattoos definitely helped..

Google Translate Makes BOBA!

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Things TIKTOK Made Me Buy!

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Testing VIRAL 5 Minute Cleaning Hacks!

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Building A 100 Pound Glitter Tornado!

You know how to get 100lbs of glitter out of your hair..?

Holding A Giant Tarantula

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Turns out that was a bad idea..

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I have a bulb burn..10,000,000 lumens will do that I guess

Brandon Farris has basketball skills

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