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If You See This, Run Away And Call For Help

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If You See This Run Away and Call for Help

If you’re the curious type, you’re probably the type of person that approaches something without hesitation, and that includes unfamiliar animals. Well, no matter how curious you are, never come close to any of the animals on this list. Heed my advice, if you see any of these animals, you run away. Especially from number one, if you can run away that is. Stay tuned to find out what it is.

Number 10. The Goliath Birdeater
Goliath Birdeater spiders are the largest spiders in the world, both in weight and size. These heavyweights can weigh in at over 6 oz., and be up to 11 in. across with their legs spread. Like all tarantulas, they have a large abdomen and a smaller cephalothorax. This spider’s spinnerets are at the end of its abdomen, and its fangs are at the front of its cephalothorax. They have very large fangs, which can be up to 1.5 in. long. Each fang is equipped with venom, but it is mild and not dangerous to humans unless you are allergic.
Just knowing how big it is and that it packs venom should be enough to convince you not to mess with this thing. The thing is, it’s not its size nor venom that you should be worrying about. It’s the hairs. hey can rub and release the fine hairs from their abdomens. These urticating hairs irritate the mucous membranes of a predator, for example the nose, mouth, and eyes. Needless to say, if these little suckers get on your skin, you’re going to be itchy for days.

Number 9. The Giant African Land Snail
The giant African land snail, is the largest species of snail found on land and generally grow to around 20 cm in length. It is native to the forest areas of East Africa but has been introduced into Asia, the Caribbean and a number of islands in both the Pacific and the Indian oceans. Now, I know what you’re thinking; what could a snail possibly do to you that should be able you to turn tail and run? Well, I’m going to get into that in a bit.
In the areas of the world where it is found, the giant African land snail is generally seen as a pest as these snails will eat almost anything vegetarian that they can find and have proven to be quite destructive when around crops and wild flowers. However, it’s not how much they can eat that you should worry about. Giant African land snails are known to carry parasites that can transmit meningitis to humans. A scary though especially when coupled with the fact that they are kept as pets in some parts of the world.

Number 8. The Goliath Tigerfish
The Goliath tigerfish is the largest member of the tigerfish clan, known to grow as large as 5 feet and weigh over 110 pounds, and is native to the Congo River Basin, Lualaba River, Upemba, and Lake Tanganyika in Africa.
This large African predator is a freshwater fish with an olive colored back and a silvery underside. What’s striking about the Goliath tigerfish is its astounding size and weight, almost looking as if it grew on steroids, and it uses its razor-like teeth to tear its prey apart. The lifespan of this fish is unknown in the wild, but in captivity it can live as many as 10 to 15 years.
If you see it out in the wild while swimming, turn the other way and swim in the opposite direction, and pray that it won’t follow you. It is a very fierce predator, with a mouth full of 32 dagger-like teeth and a very muscular physique that enables it to hunt efficiently. It isn’t even afraid of crocodiles and actually eats the smaller ones.

Despite their massive size, they are fast runners, faster than Usain Bolt himself. Grizzlies can reportedly
run 35 mph, and sustain speeds of up to 28 mph for two miles, faster than Usain Bolt’s 27.78 miles per
hour stride.

they’re often hungry, considered as apex predators, can run faster than you, what else is there to be
scared of? Well, they have claws as long as human fingers and the strength to chop op your head with
one stroke.

Do you know of other dangerous animals that did not make it to this list? Let us know in the comments
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