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Inside The Life Of A Billionaire Driver

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Think you’re pretty good behind the wheel? Sure, you’ve never gotten a ticket, you obey traffic laws, and hey, maybe you even think you’ve got the fastest routes to your favorite destinations memorized. Ever thought about becoming a private chauffeur? So far, we’d say things are looking good if you are interested! But here’s the thing… we can tell you you’re in for quite a bit more than just driving when you embark on this career path. And the more wealthy the client, the more you have to… shall we say… put up with? As a driver, you are in for oh so much more than just turning the keys to the ignition, checking your mirrors, and driving your client around safely to anywhere they wish to go. Being a billionaire’s driver means long hours and long commutes, and frankly, sometimes clients don’t tip. But get this-- it also means you get a glimpse into the private, and sometimes debaucherous, lives of the 1%. And sometimes, you even get invited to lavish parties, at the most exclusive locations. Today we look at what it’s like being a billionaire’s private driver. The good, the bad, and the… well, let’s call it the unexpected. It’s a life of keeping your client happy, with some rather standard responsibilities, and some other duties that might make you reconsider if your paycheck should be much, much bigger. We’ll let you decide if you think all the extra responsibilities are worth it, or if they are not!

Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: Daniela Vasconez

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]

00:00 Intro
00:37 How to become a private chauffeur
01:18 Salary
02:15 Your duties
03:03 Horror stories on the job
05:14 The perks of the job
05:59 The driver who wrote a book
06:54 Be nice!
07:38 Final Fact
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