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It's Time for 'You Bet Your Wife'!

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Video description
Ellen's exciting new game is taking love to new heights.
Ellen Plays 'What's in the Box?' with Guest Model Demi Lovato

Ellen brought back one of her favorite games, "What's in the Box?" - and recruited pop star Demi Lovato as a guest prize model!

tWitch and Ellen Face Off in 'Danger Word'

To get ready for the upcoming fourth season of "Game of Games," Ellen and tWitch teamed up with two fans to play a close (and messy) game of "Danger W...

Ellen Tests Engaged Couples in 'You Bet Your Fiancé'

Ellen put two newly engaged couples to the test in a special Valentine's Day version of one of her favorite games, "You Bet Your Fiancé!" #TheEllenSh...

Ellen Puts the Students in Charge for 'You Bet Your Teacher'

In honor of National Superhero Day, Ellen and her friends at Ziploc® brand teamed up to celebrate a couple of real superheroes in a game of "You Bet Y...

Ellen 'Makes It Rain' $10,000 for a Lucky Fan!

Ellen has this weekend's forecast - 100% chance someone's going to win $10,000 in this game of "Make It Rain"! #TheEllenShow #MakeItRain #Ellen

Ellen Discovers Her Audience's Hidden Talents

From impressive push-ups to marshmallow tricks, Ellen found some amazing hidden talents among her audience members.

Ellen's Looking for Russian Spies in Her Audience

With so much concern about the presence of Russian spies, Ellen decided to be extra thorough with her own personal audience investigation.

Jimmy Kimmel & Ellen Play ‘You Bet Your Wife’

Ellen invited Jimmy Kimmel to play a special edition of “You Bet Your Wife.” They each recruited their respective work wives – Executive Producer Andy...

Fire Down Below!

Ellen is heating things up with the debut of her brand new game, "Fire Down Below!"

5 Second Rule with Sofia Vergara -- Extended!

Ellen and Sofia played a hilarious game of 5 Second Rule! Check it out, plus all the fun we didn't have time for in the show!

Ellen's Staff Spills the Tea

Ellen played a round of "Spill the Tea: Staff Edition"! Find out if she can guess whose dog is bilingual, and who licked electrical outlets as a kid! ...

‘Game of Games’ Contestants Play ‘Taste Buds: Biggest Loser Edition’

Ellen welcomed back two pairs of gamers who appeared on the current season of “Game of Games,” but lost while playing “Taste Buds.” Kristopher and his...

Chris Pratt Gets Fans Messy in 'Danger Word'

Since Chris Pratt is a fan of "Game of Games," Ellen recruited him to play a round of "Danger Word" to hopefully win huge prizes for two audience memb...