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Klay Thompson | Examining his defense (2019)

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Video description
Klay Thompson made the All-Defensive team for the first time in his career in 2019. He has a strong reputation as a defender, but his advanced defensive metrics are often lacking. What gives? Is he really one of the best defensive guards in the league? This detailed film breakdown & scouting report examine the strengths and weaknesses of the Golden State Warriors star while incorporating analytics & stats to assess his defensive impact.

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Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.

Stats courtesy: @bballport
Krishna Narsu @knarsu3

-RPM is ESPN's proprietary model that blends adjusted plus-minus with the box score
-PIPM is a hybrid model (box score and plus-minus) that "luck-adjusts" plus-minus data (regresses FT% and 3pt%) to account for noise and is more sensitive to a player's role/fit on a given team. Created by @JacobEGoldstein
-Luck-Adjusted RAPM is a pure plus-minus model adjusted for shooting luck, reducing some of the noise of single-season APM. It is most sensitive to role/fit of these three. Available at:

Footage in this video is owned by the NBA and its partners. It is intended for critique and education.

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