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Large Minecraft Futuristic Base TUTORIAL PART 1 - Futuristic Minecraft Tower - Futuristic Mega Base

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Video description
Here is Part one of this massive Sci-Fi Megabase. Part 2 coming soon!

This awesome Large Futuristic Minecraft Base has been a fan favourite on the channel since I showcased it before. This Megabase takes around a 70x70x80 space with a beacon at the centre. Due to the size and complexity i've broken this up into 2 videos rather than trying to fit it all into 1. The Large Futuristic Minecraft Base Spire looks amazing.

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Alternative titles
Futuristic Spire
Alien Spire
Cyber Spire
Minecraft Futuristic Base Design
Futuristic Minecraft Base Design
Awesome Science Fiction base
Awesome Science Fiction Build
Hyper Futuristic Base
Hyper Futuristic Build
Simple Futuristic Starter House
Minecraft Futuristic Starter House
Easy Futuristic Starter House
Minecraft Space Base
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Cyber Base
Epic Base
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Easy Futuristic Base
Epic Futuristic Base
Simple Futuristic Base
Simple Alien Base
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Simple Space Base
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Simple Sci Fi Base
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How to Build in a Futuristic style
How to make a Futuristic base
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Minecraft Alien Base
Minecraft Space Base
Minecraft Space Elevator
How to build a Space Elevator in Minecraft
Minecraft Dome Base
How to build like a pro
Noob, vs Expert vs Pro building
Year 3000 build

Texture Pack: Vanilla BDCraft
Shader: BSL & SEUS Renewed


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