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Last 1st Day of School, EVER! | GRWM (Get Ready With Me)

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I seriously can’t believe that I’m already going into my #Senior year of #HighSchool! 😳 Today, I’m bringing you guys along with me for my LAST 1st day of high school… EVER! What grade are you in this year??

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As you guys know, I’m graduating high school a year early, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! It’s definitely a little bittersweet knowing that I won’t be seeing my friends every day once high school is over, but I’m honestly just so ready to be done! Come along with me for this Get Ready With Me video for my last first day of high school! #GRWM #getreadywithme

I go to early morning seminary (bible study) at 7am, so my morning starts at 6:15am, however usually it doesn't start until the 2nd week of school. Somehow with me being in LA, I missed the memo that it was supposed to start this AM, so you won't see bible study in this video. I typically start my day by waking up, washing my face, and slapping on a little mascara (when I decide to wear makeup lol). After that, I’ll either put some waves in my hair to give it a little more volume or just complete a simple braid and head out the door!

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Since it’s technically my Senior year, the #firstdayofschool involved a few different, fun traditions! Every year, there is a Senior walk where all of the Seniors walk into the school together at the same time! Its symbolic of walking in together as a class for our last year of high school. It’s pretty much just a time to walk with your best friends, and then at the end of the year you get to walk the hallways on your way out of the school in the same way, symbolism of leaving to the next phase of our lives together as a class! It’s actually pretty cool, but I’m thinking the one at the end of the year might be really sad… 🙈

I remember when @BrooklynAndBailey were doing these traditions for their last year of high school, but somehow it doesn't feel real for me yet! By this time next year, I will be in COLLEGE! Overall, I’m really looking forward to my Senior year! Everyone says that it’s going to fly by, so I’m going to try to enjoy it and really take it all in to the best of my ability!

What grade are you in this year?? Comment below!

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