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Legendary Rock Climber Alex Honnold's Vegetarian Diet

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Video description
In this episode of FUEL, we head to new heights following professional rock climber Alex Honnold, whose jaw-dropping, free-solo climbs (no ropes) have cemented him as one of the most revered and respected climbers in the world.

Set in stunning Utah, Alex takes us along as he trains and preps for an upcoming expedition in Angola, Africa. We follow him to unique climbing destinations; Maple Canyon for cobble climbing and an intense alpine scramble up the south ridge of Mount Superior with fellow dirtbag climber James Lucas.

Before setting off for Angola, being a self-professed lazy cook, Alex shops for vegan snacks and drops by Gnarly Nutrition in search of light, tasty, and travel-friendly food to keep him powered up and at a high fitness level. It’s clear, no matter what Alex scarfs up, that by following his own brand of a healthy middle ground, the sky’s the limit.

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Alex is a solo female traveler that lives and travels with her dog in her Vw Eurovan named Penny BECOME A PATREON:

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