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Liberal Redneck - What's It Gonna Take Yall

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It's a new scandal seemingly every damn day and a lot of people are just sorta fine with that and I'm losing my god damn mind.

Liberal Redneck - Transgender Bathrooms

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Liberal Redneck - Mama Missiles and Baby Dictators

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"Ben Carson is a White Supremacist" Tucker Carlson can't believe crazy Liberal

"Ben Carson is a White Supremacist" Crazy Liberal runs out of victims Subscribe to 50 Stars:

Redneck Inventions [funny, humor, try not to laugh, lol, rotflmao]

Redneck Inventions [funny, humor, try not to laugh, lol, rotflmao] FREE MUSIC: Swamp Shuffle - Silent Partner _ Free Music

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Riley Dennis Explains Why Leftist Violence is Okay

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Liberal Redneck: $100-million Kentucky 'Ark' is ridiculous

An enormous replica of Noah’s Ark? In landlocked Kentucky? With a price tag of $100 million?!? The Daily News’ Hillbilly-in-Chief Trae Crowder would n...