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life update vlog: i moved, kdramas & anime i’m watching, things i’ve been up to

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i’m back!! :D also you can go to today to get 15% off your new favorite phone case!

hello my friends it’s nina it’s been a long while but i’m finally back to youtube and i’m updating you on what’s been going on the last few weeks!! also telling you some kdramas and anime i’ve been watching while we catch up :)

as mentioned in the video, i moved! it took a lot of time and strength in me so that’s the biggest reason for my absence. i was packing and unpacking and moving things around and dealing with this and that but it’s all done! i’m now nicely settled with my family, and i’m now just redecorating and trying to get my life back together. i’ve also been working almost every day on my secret project which has also been taking lots of time to do, but i’m making progress :D

sorry for the inactivity and thank you to everyone who reached out to me during this time!! i really appreciate you and i felt the love :’) i didn’t realize 4 weeks already flew by but i’m glad to be back!

more videos and stuff to come! moving definitely took up my life the last few weeks but now that it’s done, i can finally focus again on youtube and my other projects :)

hope you’ve been well and i really missed you :’) thanks for watching and i will see you soon!!!

loooooooove, neen.


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