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Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical

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Video description
So a few months ago when Cristine was in Los Angeles for VidCon, we decided to drop by the Orly Color Lab in West Hollywood to mix up some custom nail polish colors (with a bit of adult supervision)! We got to make a custom nail polish for each of us as well as mix up a 3rd frankenpolish consisting of all of their polishes together! What do you think of our three shimmery creations?

You can check out Cristine's collab video here!
And Cristine's channel here!

You can check out the Orly Color Lab here!

Check out Erin Robinson's Orly Color Lab video here!

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Assistant Editors: Emily Linden, Claire Wiley, Josie Latino, & Ben Chrobak-Prince

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