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New! All 23 Overwatch Voice Actors in Real Life! (Updated Version)

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Video description
All 23 Overwatch characters and the actors who voice them!

If footage of the actors voicing their own characters wasn't available, I used other footage from interviews, films, etc, so that you could get an idea of what their real voices are like :)

Time Stamps:
0:06- Tracer (Cara Theobold)
0:24- Reinhardt (Darin de Paul)
0:53- D.Va (Charlet Chung)
1:15- Lucio (Jonny Cruz)
1:32- Genji (Gaku Space)
1:43- Hanzo (Paul Nakauchi)
2:11- Symmetra (Anjali Bhimani)
2:26- Ana (Aysha Selim)
2:59- Zenyatta (Feodor Chin)
3:09- Mei (Elise Zhang)
4:00- Torbjorn (Keith Silverstein)
4:23- Mercy (Lucy Pohl)
4:52- Reaper (Keith Ferguson)
5:12- Pharah (Jen Cohn)
5:27- Widowmaker (Chole Holling)
5:42- Winston (Crispin Freeman)
6:09- Bastion (Chris Metzen)
6:16- Sombra (Carolina Ravassas)
6:48- McCree (Matthew Mercer)
7:21- Junkrat (Chris Parson)
7:35- Roadhog (Josh Petersdorf)
8:02- Zarya (Dolya Gavanski)
8:30- Soldier: 76 (Fred Tatasciore)

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!
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