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OFFICIAL Animator Rewind 2019!

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Video description

Animators & Cameos (in order of appearance):
Amilyta - 2:15
Jacky Vile - 2:18
Well Yeah But Very No! - 2:20
Thane - 2:22
Over Animated - 2:30
Perp - 2:32, 2:39
LAWBomb - 2:36
Prisoner 13 - 2:38
Jaiden + Odd1sout - 2:40
Gingerpale - 2:41
Sir Pelo - 2:43
Sneakerdoodle - 2:52
Burritoshake - 2:54
Pablo n Pals - 2:51
Alex Emery (Rich Guuuyy) 3:01
Rebecca Parham - 3:03
Nutshell - 3:05
CrayCray Animations - 3:07, 3:28
TylerdarkTyler (ghost) - 3:07
Medsden (OC from Inkyface) - 3:09
Cyan - 3:09
Sockmonkey - 3:11
BestHyphen - 3:12, 3:34
Oaxezem - 3:15
EliTried - 3:20
Nestoons - 3:24
Lemonface - 3:26
Floofable Derp - 3:38
Abby - 3:39
Panera Bread - 3:40
Howard - 3:43
Doctor Balakay - 3:46
Everything else - Rockho

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