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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max

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Video description
Can the OnePlus 7 Pro Keep up with its Greatest Rivals? A Detailed Comparison!
Crazy deal on Galaxy S10+ ➡
iPhone XS ➡
OnePlus 7 Pro ➡

Exterior Design & buttons - 0:45
Charging Speed Differences - 2:39
Display Design & Bezels - 3:28
90hz vs 60hz refresh rate - 4:36
Motorized Selfie Camera - 6:10
Display Brightness - 7:04
HDR Display Quality Test - 7:48
Speaker Comparison - 8:53
Performance Comparison - 10:59
The VERDICT - 12:00

The new OnePlus 7 Pro features a ton of high-end premium specs for a very reasonable price tag, once again taking on the high-end flagships like Apples's iPhone XS Max and Samsungs Galaxy S10+. We compare the displays, video HDR playback, speaker quality, performance, cameras, and much more.

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