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#Tags: REACTING TO MY SUBSCRIBERS ROASTING ME WHILE I ROAST MYSELF WITH MAKEUP   MY SUBSCRIBERS ROAST ME WHILE I ROAST MYSELF WITH MAKEUP   my subs roast me   glam and gore roast   glam and gore   glam&gore   mykie   mykie roast   mikey   roast myself with makeup   roast myself fx makeup   roast   roast yourself   fx makeup   burn makeup   reacting to people roasting me   roast reaction   REACTING TO MY SUBSCRIBERS ROASTING ME WHILE I ROAST MYSELF WITH MAKEUP   wendys   wendy's   wendys twitter burns   wendys roast   willam   willam beatdown  

Video description
The best way to keep warm in January is with a roast..... of myself... by you guys... and a fast food joint.. and a famous drag queen. Watch me react to my subscribers break my heart and make me cry while I roast myself into a juicy fx burn makeup look.

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My undying love to these Patreon Producers: Craig Via Candy Francesconi Abbigail Belshe Amber Favre Bridget Jurgs Kristin McKenzie Become a patron of...

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