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RED KING CRAB vs. HANASAKI CRAB!! Big Japanese Food in Hokkaido, Japan!

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SAPPORO, JAPAN - One of the things I was most looking forward to doing when I was in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, was going to the Sapporo Crab Market. The crab market is located outside the main seafood wholesale market, filled with seafood restaurants serving all things seafood, but especially plenty of Hokkaido crab.

Ume e dou Restaurant - After walking around for a while, we chose to eat at Ume e dou Restaurant, a small and friendly seafood restaurant on the main road, with a number of tanks full of a variety of different Japanese crabs. I really wanted to try both the red king crab and a Japanese hanasaki crab, so we tried them both.

Both the crabs were first boiled, then for the red king crab (also known as an Alaskan king crab from the Bering Sea), they cut half of it and put it on the grill.

The crab was absolutely sensational, a crab meal dream come true for any crab lover. The hanasaki crab was more about the roe, and the meat was sweet, but with a bitter complexion. The red king crab was the sweet, stringy flesh you dream about. Both crabs were incredibly tasty and fresh, and it was fun to compare them side to side.
Total price - 34,000 JPY ($304.86) for everything (5 adults ate this)

Melon - 300 JPY ($2.69) - Sapporo seafood market is also known for fruits and vegetables, and a cold piece of melon was delicious after the crab.

Kaisen-Ichiba Kitano Gourmet - Finally, one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Sapporo is Kaisen-Ichiba Kitano Gourmet, really a seafood palace consisting of a fresh seafood market and restaurant. We headed to their restaurant and I had a mixed seafood donburi rice bowl. The seafood was fresh and vibrant, and quite good.
Price - 3,210 JPY ($28.78) for my bowl

If you love seafood and especially crab, Hokkaido is a great island to visit in Japan. Right in Sapporo, don’t miss the seafood market for incredibly fresh crabs!


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