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Repaint! Easter Bunny BJD (My first ball jointed doll from scratch!!) Custom OOAK Doll

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Video description
Could it be?? Dollightful’s first ever ball jointed doll is here! Simple and cute, this little bunny BJD was designed by yours truly and brought to life with the help of my wonderful husband!

Here are the free STL files!

Mentioned in video:
Dive.hara “Bisque Dolls” Maker:
Instagram: dive.h
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Home-made Bunny ball jointed doll! See above link for STL files.
Sculpting kit from
Elastic – 1mm
Fabric – cotton
Ribbon – 3/8 inch/9.5 mm
Paints – Acrylic (Liquitex)
Paints – Gouache (Caran D’ache)
Water Color Pencils (Faber Castell)
Varnish (DuraClear)
Resin – 2-Part Jewel Resin (
Gram Scale
Resin Eye Molds (Padico) I used the 10mm size hemisphere.
Paint for eye whites – Game Air “Dead White” (Vallejo)
Glue (205 OKONG 오공본드)
Musical tracks from:
Dylan the Druid:
Musical tracks from:
Squeaky Clean by Josh Leake
Grind and Skip by Bamtone
Cheerful by Bamtone
Brand New Toy by Ty Simon
Baby Smile by Lux Inspira
Logo and other graphics designed by:
#OOAK #BJD #doll
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