Sanjin & Youthman feat Promoe, Ward 21, Dr Alban & Aleks - Zlatan (Remix)

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Video description
Sanjin & Youthman team up with Promoe, Ward 21, Dr Alban & Aleks for the official remix of "Zlatan".


Sanjin & Youthman:
Ward 21:
Dr Alban:


I remember..
Media used to hate on him
Straight up abominate on him
Cuz they couldn't take the way a poor kid who would dominate the field and drop the ball like an a-bomb straight on it
So if you feel like a baller, and they tell you that you never will amount to nothing
Go tell them ibracadabra, made something out of nothing

Shots on the goal keeper this man a fire
Zlatan Ibra football hit man for hire
High kick high flyer, style a mad undeniably
Skills were the ticket from rosengård to paris
Ibrahimovic, OUI, topshotta man, SI
Callejero footballero hajde demo svi
It´s the swedish badman original balkan
Sanjin & Youthman biggin up Zlatan

Top shotta who a started in the street, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Scored for six different teams in champions league, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Self made millionaire in the top elite, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
He´s the kid with the golden feet, Zlatan Ibrahimovic

[Ward 21]
Control the beat like how Zlatan control the ball, he is the man overall
Pass it to Sanjin, Sanjin to Youthman, Youthman to Zlatan, in the back of the net it´s gone
How them a go tell me about greatest, when a Ibrahimovic football style them a the latest
And if they don't know about Zlatan them obviously not wake yet, a top shotta that, yes!

[Emir Youthman]
Remember that goal he scored for Ajax in 2004
Or the one against England bicycle kick like tae kwon do (Normal)
Representing for youth all over the world no matter where he go
So go on push up unno lighter and get ready for the Ibra show


[Dr Alban]
Zlatan is the one the only one Ibra
Sanjin, Youthman and Dr Alban
Look how him talk, look how him smile
Speak svenska in a different style
Zlatan is the man with the golden feet
He dribble one time he dribble to the right
He dribble to the left oh Zlatan is the best
That´s I Dr Alban telling everybody

Zlatane, Zlatane, niko ne igra kao ti
Zlatane Zlatane, bring the dream to every team
Because when you play you play for me
Inspire me to chase my dream
Zlatane, Zlatane 
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