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[SFM] Dead By Daylight Animation - Revenge

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Video description
I have had a blast with animating the trickster, I hope you love him as much as I do. This was created with Source Filmmaker [SFM]

Join my discord for animation updates and other weird crap, yes I talk in there often -

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A huge thank you to my supporters
Gem - Susie
Rocky, A.K.A michael myers - David
Travis - Gromit mug

Twitch - I stream on Wednesday and Saturday if you want to catch me playing sometime:



The very active model maker who made the free knife sign and the nancy pamphlet and also voiced the grass: Yanima! -


The Spirit: Not_Queen -

Nancy: Katiesgaming -

Clown: Paulie Esther -

Micheal myers??: JayTheBard -

Trickster: Samination -

Meg Thomas: Kristoflurp -

Wraith: TheJRM -

Trapper: FenriWolfe -

End screen song:

Other models ported that I use are from:
- Slasherin (LOUD NOISES)
- Mark2580 (The one who vanished)
- CozyChicken (Hungry now)

#deadbydaylight #Animation #intothefog
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