so rich people want to be dirty now?

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Foul Bodies Cleanliness in Early America (Society and the Sexes in the Modern World) by Kathleen M. Brown
The Clean Body A Modern History by Peter Ward
Natural How Faith in Natures Goodness Leads to Harmful Fads, Unjust Laws, and Flawed Science by Alan Levinovitz
Cleanliness and the Poor in Eighteenth-Century London by Louise Falcini
The Fabric of Life: Linen and Life Cycle in England, 1678-1810 by Alice Dolan

0:00 intro
2:08 part 1: the gossip
8:03 part 2: the history of clean underwear
13:43 part 3: the power of the rich
the bizarre history of beauty marks

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why did rich victorian women love to steal clothes?

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the problem with teen dramas

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why don't clothes fit????

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explaining the "old money aesthetic"

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he's all that (2021) was just as bad as we expected

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why are we so obsessed with scammers?


tiktok is kind of bad for fashion

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