So You Want to Be an OB/GYN [Ep. 22]

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Video description
So you want to be an obstetrician and gynecologist, or OB/GYN. You like the idea of babies, mommies, and taking care of lady parts. Let's debunk the public perception myths, and give it to you straight. This is the reality of OB/GYN.

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00:46 - What is OB/GYN?
05:21 - How to Become an OB/GYN
09:41 - Subspecialties within OB/GYN
12:24 - What You'll Love About OB/GYN
13:39 - What You Won't Love About OB/GYN
14:34 - Should You Become an OB/GYN?

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Day in the Life Playlist:

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OB GYN discusses 5 reasons to become an OB GYN!

Top 5 reasons to go into the field of OB GYN!


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