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Sonic Omens: The Story so Far (Episode 1 - 4)

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Video description
This video shows off every episodes available of Sonic Omens (Sonic 2020, the Infinity Engine Fan game.) This game is incredible. The musics, gameplay, cutscenes... Everything is great! This is some really solid work here. Great job Ouroboros Studio!
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✦ Download the game here:
Sonic Omens Episode The Breakthrough & Temple of Sands by @BOLT (Ouroboros Studio)
(Bolt's YouTube Channel)
(Game Release Video)


⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:10 Title Screen
00:20 Episode 1 - The Breakthrough
15:01 Episode 2 - Temple of Sands
31:12 Episode 3 - White Jungle
41:58 Episode 4 - Shadow of Water
58:31 Outro


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