Stanford Professor REVEALS The Most Important Skill For SUCCESS | Susan Liautaud

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On Today's Episode:

You’re likely under pressure with the rest of the world, making decisions under intense unprecedented levels of stress. The good news is that you’re not alone. Right now, even if you’re not watching the news or following every political conversation, you know the tension is there. With everyone, including you walking on eggshells, how do you make good decisions?

Chances are you don’t think of your decisions in terms of being ethical or not, but in the grand scheme of life as a citizen of planet Earth, every decision you made so far today has been ethical or unethical. Dr. Susan Liautaud is an Ethics Expert who advises global leaders and international businesses how to develop strategic solutions to the complex ethical challenges they face. In this conversation she and Tom get deep into the weeds of what an ethical framework is, if “Cancel Culture” and the massive division we’re experiencing is ethical, and how you can live your life well and make better ethical decisions.

A few key thoughts from Dr. Liautaud to help you live a more ethical life:
Instead of canceling people, cancel language and behavior
Someone or something is going to be impacted by every decision you make
Practice really listening to what people are saying to you

We can’t create a perfect life. Dr. Liautaud explains why perfectionism is a dead end path. The 4 Pillars of Ethics she shares are worth practicing immediately.

“There’s no utopia, only trade offs.” - Thomas Sowell

Check out both of Dr. Susan Liautaud’s books:
The Power of Ethics:
The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions:

Recommended Reading:
The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksander I. Solzhenitsyn:


0:00 | Introduction to Susan Liautaud
0:23 |What Makes Your Decisions Ethical
14:15 | Defining Hard Ethical Lines
32:36 | Cancel Culture & Massive Division
47:07 | Racism & Unconscious Biases
55:45 | Questionable Truths Shaping Reality
1:05:20 | Rules for Ethical Living
1:10:44 | There’s No Utopia Only Trade Offs
1:19:38 | Big Ethical Questions


“Do you have the information you need to make the decision? And if you don’t, be mindful of the gap, [...] be mindful of the information that you’re missing.” [3:33]

“They think that they’re being long term thinkers, but in fact we’re being serial short term thinkers, [...] think of multiple time frames.” [5:50]

“Ethical decision making tethers us to our humanity.” [13:16]

“When you cancel someone, [...] another way of saying that is that you’ve just taken away all incentive for them to try to improve.” [36:40]

“Cancel culture is a way of saying you don’t deserve to exist as a human being.” [37:50]

“Take a deep breath and really listen to what other people are telling us, [...] listening to what people are really telling us, not what we want to hear, not what we expect to hear, not what we think they should be telling us…” [44:05]

“This idea that we can somehow program the world to be the way we want it to be, it doesn’t work that way.” [57:23]

“Perfectionism is one of the greatest risks to ethics that we have.” [1:03:03]

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