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streamers react to Jacksepticeye speaking FLUENT korean (Jae from DAY6, Sykkuno, LilyPichu)

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Video description
[TRANSLATED SUBTITLES AVAILABLE] it's so funny seeing everyone's reaction to an (amazing) white boy being fluent in korean.
apologies with the lukewarm editing; wanted to get it up as soon as possible after yesterday's stream.

also, I'm sooooo close to 1000 subscribers! if you can, please also consider subscribing to help me reach my goal :)


Sean McLoughlin, also known as Jack or "Jackscepticye" is an Irish content creator with over 25 million subscribers. He regularly posts fun video game walkthroughs and other content on both YouTube and Twitch. You can find Sean at:

Other streamers that appear in this video, by order of appearance:
Jae Park from DAY6 (eaJ):
Corpse Husband:
Disguised Toast:
#jacksepticeye #rust #offlinetv #otv #amongus

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Jae reacts to “day6 forgetting lyrics live” fan edits

credit to @everyy_Day6 on twitter for the first 4 minutes of this video

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