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From 7:41 to 8:01 this video contains flashing Images. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Hello dear Friends and welcome back to my channel,

In this episode I have made a diorama showing a submarine firing torpedoes inside a bottle.

For the submarine I have used the Hobby Boss plastic kit “USS Gato” with a scale 1:700.

After painting the submarine with acrylic colors using my air brash, I have made the torpedoes' wash from clear and white UV resin. Then I have glued the torpedoes on the submarine with UV resin.

I have then made a sandy bottom by using Stemolina and glued
small rocks and seaweed on the seabed with UV resin.

Then I have made the sea with blue epoxy resin and placed the submarine inside the sea.

After the epoxy resin has cured I have created the sea surface with Vallejo acrylic gel and highlighted the waves with blue acrylic color and white UV resin.

Then it was time for the second pouring of resin. Upon couring I have formed the bottle shape by woodturning the resin block in my lathe.

Finally I have polished the bottle and created a wooden stand for it.

I hope that you will enjoy this DIY video.

Until next time I wish you all the best,


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