The Great has actually *GREAT* costumes (S1 + S2)

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so i actually liked the sex and the city reboot "and just like that..."

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Ranking 2020 Costume Dramas on Historical Accuracy

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Most Unique And Amazing Shoes In The World

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teeth as a fashion statement.

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i went from being a bridgerton HATER to a STAN

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covering (almost) all of Over the Garden Wall's historical clothing references

Thanks for watching :). I tried to make my audio louder this time because I know some people have been complaining about it. Please let me know if the...

celebrities need to STOP creating beauty brands!

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Facts About Catherine the Great, the Lusty Lover and Iron-Fisted Ruler

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explaining the gen z maximalism trend

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the fashion in the nanny is STILL SO GOOD 👗

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Rating Keira Knightley's Period Drama Dresses on Historical Accuracy

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Emily in Paris season 2 was... better???

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Inside the Palace With the Cast of The Great

Step into the imaginative grandeur of 18th century Russia as the cast of The Great take you for a tour of Peter and Catherine's palace. FOLLOW THE G...