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The MKBHD Gear Tour 2019!

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Video description
Literally all of the gear!

Shoutout to B&H for sponsoring this video! THE LINKS:

RED Monstro 8K:
Sigma 24-35 Cine:
Sennheiser MKH416:
Auray mic stand:
Sound Devices 633:
Quasar Science QLED
Arri SkyPanel S60C:
Skypanel stand:
Skypanel softbox:
Apurture 300D:
Karen: VIVO TV07 Floor Stand

Zeiss Otus 55mm:
Canon 100mm Macro:
Magic Carpet Pro Slider:
The Sachtler Pedestal:
Mia: Motorized Precision Robot

Kessler Pocket Jib Pro:
Manfrotto 502:
Kino Flo Tegra light:
Wescott Scrim Jim:

Helios 44-2 58mm
Venus Laowa 15mm macro:
Canon 11-24:
Lectrosonics lav kit:
DJI Mavic Pro:

Sachtler Flowtech 75:
Sachtler FSB-8 Fluid Head:
Canon C200:
Canon 1DX:
DJI Ronin 2:

MKBHD Merch:

Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

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