The moral panic around fertility rates and depression is misplaced | KIDS' CLIPS

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➟ What are KIDS' CLIPS?

Kids' Clips are my shorter form videos centred on more topical, less research-intensive and more (personal) opinion-based commentary. If you don't have a lot of time or patience, these are the bitesized videos for you and your schedule.

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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening I will be uploading a Kids' Clip for you to engage with at your leisure. HOWEVER, if you would like early access I upload ALL THREE KIDS' CLIPS to my Patreon [Kidology] every Friday evening/Saturday morning. So, if you can't wait until the week, be sure to pick a tier and I will see you on my Patreon, brethren!

➟ Does this mean you won't be doing livestreams or making your typical video essays and commentary content?

NO! Please do not worry yourself! This is just an additional channel feature. I have read your concerns and comments about the length of my videos and livestreams. This is what I have determined and devised to be a realistic resolution for us all: I don't disappear for weeks researching and editing a video, and you don't have to resort to plowing through a 4hr livestream to figure out what I think about something and have a conversation with other Kidologists. So, I sincerely hope this works out for us all. I will still be livestreaming and uploading my typical videos. There is absolutely no need to worry. Thank you as always for your patience and support.

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