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The ONLY D.Va guide you should ever need

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Video description
Remade and reborn better than ever. D.Va's new rework takes her from a mobile damage mitigator and turns her into a terrifying dive bruiser, with lesser focus on damage abosorption. Her new missiles are great sources of long range poke or short range burst and turn her into a terrifying opponent if left uncontested.

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00:11 - Introduction
01:39 - D.Va's Kit
01:46 - (Weapons)
03:38 - (Defense Matrix)
05:13 - (Boosters)
07:01 - (Micro Missiles)
08:56 - (Ult: Call Mech)
10:31 - (Ult: Self-Destruct)
13:09 - Matchups
13:41 - D.Va's Roles
14:15 - (Offensive)
15:15 - (Defensive)
15:55 - Settings
16:26 - (Console)
17:29 - (PC)
19:01 - Fin

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Matchups guide video:

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